Friday, April 24, 2009

Housewives of New York and Mesa

I have a guilty pleasure. I LOVE to watch the show "Real Housewives of New York City." What s it about rich people's lives that makes us glue ourselves to the t.v.? Is it their snobbish obsession with designer labels? Is it their constant bickering? Perhaps we aspire to live in high rise apartments on the upper east side.

Whatever it is, my sister Tracie got me pondering on just how different the Housewives of New York are from the Housewives of Mesa/Gilbert/AJ. Here are a few differences:

Housewives of New York marry metrosexual Australians. They buy "fixer-upper" million dolllar condos in Brooklyn. They attend fashion shows and play tennis. Most admirably, they begin writing books on "How to raise children", even though they may lie about their children being able to speak French.

Housewives of Mesa pore over the pages of "What to Expect the First Year", looking for any gems of wisdom to help them navigate through the ever-changing colors of poop and the pros and cons of using a binky.
Housewives of New York sell non-fat whole-grain calorie-free desserts to promote good self-esteem for wealthy people. This self esteem will come through promoting a healthy lifestyle rather than a hot body, as evidenced by the brand name.

Housewives of Mesa sell a variety of things, from board games to scenty candles to cosmetics. I admire all the people I know who do this because I have not one grain of salesmanship in me.
Housewives of New York do yoga.

Housewives of Mesa might do yoga but most often are found walking one or more children around the block.
Housewives of New York drive Porchses. (actually I have no idea what kind of car this is)
Mesa-ites drive Windstars. (I happen to have a wine-colored one)
Here are the housewives. The name is misleading because not all are wives and they don't stay at home. Their marital statuses are as follows: single mom with half-boyfriends; the countess whose husband, the count, just left her according to the tabloids; married but has a gay guy she hangs out with who helps her with interior design; single and looking; married with one kid; and married with 2 boys.
Sometimes these housewives make gourmet, non-dairy, non-gluten, no-egg cupcakes.

Sometimes I make 3 cakes in one week that I eat the majority of because I'm nursing and need sustenance. Or maybe it's out of boredom. Or maybe I'm addicted to dessert.
Housewives of NYC go to 5 star restaurants for lunch.

Housewives of Mesa go to Filibertos, or "Fili's. We order 2 pound burritos. Our stomachs hurt later but it is SO worth it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Easter!

The not so happy bunny dons her first Easter outfit. The things we force our kids to do!

The binky saves the day!
We loved this dress and another one, finally chose this one, then I went back to get the other one 3 days later. I'm a sucker for baby dresses.

She gets that open -mouth thing from mom.