Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bizarre Stories Log, Summer '09

I had a couple of funny moments on my trip to Kansas. We just got back from riding with my family for 22 hours there and back.

Some highlights:

1. I was blow drying my hair and I had a sink full of water with a poopy outfit soaking in front of me. You know, they tell you to never blow dry near water. Well, all of a sudden the blow dryer falls into the water. Being the genius that I am, instead of unplugging it real quick, I pulled the dryer right back out of the water.

I could've died!!

2. This story actually happened right before Kansas. Cameron and I had taken 2 cars to church because I had to get a calling before church. So after church, I had the baby and I was looking for him so we could ride home together, forgetting he had his own car. I waited and waited in the foyer. No Cameron. This friend of ours started looking for him. He looked in every room of the church and couldn’t find him so he started to get worried. I didn’t have a watch so I didn’t realize forty minutes had gone by as I was just sitting there waiting and chitchatting.

Soon, half the bishopric starts looking for him too. All of a sudden, a lightbulb went on! Oh! We brought two cars! He went home. Let’s just say I was beyond embarrassed.

3. Finally, the Finale!!

In Kansas we went to see the movie "Up" with the whole family. We were already in the theatre and my older sister Tracie was in a huge rush to meet us in there. She had driven like a mad woman to pick up her 5 year old Spencer from summer camp. She jumped out of the car with him and starting walking into the theater, then realized she didn't have her car keys. So she thought, Oh well, I'll just have someone drive me home afterwards to get the spare keys.

She comes out of the movie and walks to her car and notices IT"S RUNNING! She had left her car running for the entire 2 1/2 hour movie ! We were dying laughing. And no one stole her car. Only in Kansas!!!
She honored me so much when she told me that she has now topped anything ditzy I've ever done. This one takes the cake, and probably will forever.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The face can say alot . . . especially the mouth part of the face

"Gee mom, I am so thrilled to be riding in this car for 4 hours straight. But I can't feel my butt anymore. Do you think you could take me out of here? I'll smile a good one for ya! Pleeease!" (After a 24 hour trip to Greer, AZ Lacey was eager to exit her car seat)

"This saucer tastes like fabric. It's better than my gripe water. Delish!! Too bad I'm too short to reach any of the toys around me."
"Ya know, I feel rather relaxed at the moment. But that will last approximately 5 minutes so enjoy it now. And why do you keep pointing that shiny silver thing at me?? It's blinding!"
"My stroller is very stimulating to the eye. The black, the white, the silver! I want my next vehicle to be a Volkswagon Jetta. Thanks, daddy."
" Oooooooooooh yeah. I'm lookin good. Look at me and my bad self! My head-holdy-uppy-self."
"You know, that flash takes my adorable smile away, mom. You can keep trying and trying, but it ain't gonna happen. You big weirdo!"
"Why must you take pictures of me every time I get a new outfit on? There's no room on your computer for all these pics. I know your computer is nearly crashed again."
" Dad found the secret! Strip me down and you'll get the grin. Jackpot!"
"My gums hurt so I'm drooling. And no, I'm not storing nuts in those cheeks for the winter. Elvis is aliiiiiiiiiiiiiive!" "You people are wacko! Where's my lunch?"