Sunday, October 25, 2009

Old McDonald Had a Farm

And on that Shnepf Farm he had some corn.

He also had a small train to ride, bu lacey didn't ride it.

He had some hay to crunch on.

He had some punpkins to crouch on.

The littler pumpkins made a more comfy seat.

Cameron was the brains behind all these photos.

Lacey quite enjoyed herself.

One the first family photos ever.
And this is at our ward Trunk or Treat. My costume was thrown together 45 minutes before the thing started. I tried to make cornbread but it turned out flat and hard as a rock. Story of my life. I need cooking lessons!
Lacey was adorable.

The Tale of the Missing Adhesive

The tale begins with a flu shot. Little Lacey Lee never had a flu shot before. She waited for her doctor's appointment with heavy anticipation. She knew her stomach was acting up. Was it the chocolate bars her mom always eats? Perhaps that piece of bacon wrapped around a green chili at the neighbor's Halloween party. Whatever it was, Lacey hoped the doctor would set her mom straight on her eating habits.

The end of the appointment comes and "Oh no! What's that sharp thing aimed at my leg??? OW!!" The shot went in. But Lacey soon got over it and gazed curiously at her new red Crayola crayon bandaid.

At about 12:00 pm when her mom got Lacey out of the car after the appointment, the bandaid was missing. "Hmmm," she wondered. Then she promptly forgot about it.

Lunch time! Lacey was eating morsels of wheat bread. But they kept on making her cough. Her eyes watered. She even threw up a little! Mom was worried that her previous skillful bread chewing had temporarily come to an end. "Why can't she chew it anymore?" Lacey nursed and then got tired.

At one point in the day Lacey was laughing and her mom thought she saw something red and black on the roof of Lacey's mouth. "Naw. There's nothing there," she reasoned.

Lacey took a 2 hour nap. She dreamed of dogs, water fountains, and Cheetos.

At 5:00 it was dinner time. Again, the bread. Again, the choking.

"How about some chomping-of the-tv-remote time?" Lacey's mom said.

So they sat on the recliner and Lacey chomped away. Suddenly, without warning, a wet limp item landed on the mom's arm. "What IS that?"

She looked down. And there it was. The red Crayola bandaid. The bandaid that had been attached to the roof of Lacey's mouth for over 5 hours.

Here is the evidenec. The very bandaid following its residence in Lacey's mouth.

We're currently looking for a school for mothering. First class of the day, "The Dangers of Choking."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tutus or Too toos?

Another cute pic from the photo shoot

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Future Cougar?

Not that kind of cougar, you sickos! Courtney Cox's kind of cougar will not be the future of Miss Lacey. Hopefully she will marry someone within 8 years of her age. Some of you have already seen these pics on facebook. But I just wanted to put them on here too in case anyone else wanted to see.

She saw herself on the computer in this pic yesterday and then made the same face.

Strikin a pose. This girl sat like this for a good 5 minutes and didn't move at all. She actually got into this position herself and then just got stuck.

There are a lot more I'm getting from my sister -in-law. She's so talented! Thanks again, Robin! Check out her photography blog at
We love Lacey!