Thursday, May 29, 2008

More family photos from April

Some more family photos. The first is of Nat, nephew Porter, Nat's prom date Preston, and our new nephew Tanner
Sister Tracie, me, my dad, Kayli and Justin. Doesn't Kayli look like she fits right in with our family?
Finally I got Cameron to be in a pic.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Justin's Wedding Extravaganza

We're happy now after 9 chicken nuggets a piece.
Semi-sweet, sweet, or bittersweet?
My new nephew Tanner Lee Haddock
Cameron's followers
The gals Cam's good at entertaining kids

Hannah pre-injury

What a hottie!

Why me?
Cameron and our nephew porter intensely battling

The happy couple --Look at that waist!
Niece Lindsay and nephew Spencer killing time at the Visitor's Center

Here are a bunch of pics from Justin and Kayli's wedding. My sister Hannah broke her arm an hour before the reception. Notice her cute bummed-out face. Check out her blog on my link list for the full story.
Highlights of the wedding:
-My sister Terra getting naughty and hitting strangers, knocking over food on the table, and finally knocking over the giant punch bowl off its stand. (Note: She's disabled, for those who don't know)
-My brother Dallin throwing his pink matching tie and no one could find it forever.
-Hannah landing on her left arm funky while getting "popped" on the tramp. (not a highlight--a lowlight for Hannah)
-My dad coming out, "Yep. It's broken," very matter-of-factly. My dad would say "Yep, that's blunt head trauma" in that same tone.
-My dad and brother making Hannah a splint out of a spatula and a cut out piece of cardboard. Don't forget the bandana sling.

-Natalie leaving for prom after the reception on the same night.
-"Justin and Kayli Jeopardy" that me and my sister made on my powerpoint.
-Justin singing Ben Folds' "The Luckiest" to Kayli
-Being with my entire family
-Temple sealings! I love 'em!

Highlights of the School Year

I want to update this more so people will check it and not think it's ever changing. So I'm doing a temporary post here. I will post more pictures later this week of my hilarious students and their skits on 1950's music, tv, stars ,etc. Hopefully. Anyway, this was a highlight of the year on Halloween when my neighbor let me borrow her tea pot costume. I was a little intimidated to wear it and it was a little embarrassing. But then I realized later that people thought it was funny and that my students will always remember that. When will they ever have another teacher in a Mrs. Potts costume? Hopefully, they'll remember me for more than just that though.

Friday, May 9, 2008

AP Test Anxiety

I have never experinced something quite like this. Here I am, it's 5 in the morning and I can't sleep 'cause I know there is a gigantic test that a bunch of kids are going to take. And I was the one to prepare them for it. I have anxiety.

Did they study last night? I really prayed that they did. Because it sounds like most of them didn't study at all until yesterday. Janae, remember when me, you , and Ben studied? How much did we study before the actual test?I was so confident that their scores would be good until yesterday. I had given them a practice multiple choice and most of them scored about 10 percent below passing. Then I realized that I didn't deduct an extra 1/4 a point, like AP does, for every one you miss. The last 2 timed essays I gave them, many of them didn't even finish in the time. I am so freaked out that they will write crap essays or fail the multiple choice.

It is so weird to be the underdog school. Coming from Mt. view, where kids come to you with most of the abilities they need to pass an AP test, even going there myself, I am used to that attitude of hard work. We did whatever it took. I am working with kids who are way below the level, whose writings are filled with sentence fragments and misspellings. They are generally lazy, except for about 10 of them. There are about 8 realy strong writers. I love all these kids though.

Anyway, so I am going to school today to give a test to the rest of the kids who aren't teaking the AP exam. I will be wondering what essays my kids are writing, praying that the questions are something I taught themm praying they will write fast. And then after today I will wait. This agonizing TWO month wait until the scores come out. And then next year I'll do it all over again.

Hey, but I got a call yesterday that someone wants to be my student teacher! Wouldn't that be awesome? I didnt' even know I was old enough to have one. The only thing is I would not want her to teach my AP classes. Janae, remember that crap student teacher in history that almost ruined our year? Anyway, so I'm going to ask if she could just teach my regular history. Yes, my schedule has changed again. I will have 2 AP's , 2 regular, and one economics. That's nuts! Three classes to prep every day. I really hope I get pregnant this summer 'cause if stress is causing it not to happen now, that could very muich be the case this fall.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

waiting for life

I decided instead of waiting for my broken digital camera to be fixed, that I would just write on here without pictures. I've love looking at all blogs. But I especially love when people pour their heart out, or are just honest with how they feel. The people's blogs I read are so good at writing it out. I'm not so expressive, but I can try.

It seems like when you are a girl trying to have a baby there are so many different "baby" things that cross your path. And it's funny how you can prefectly handle things sometimes, but other days you feel totally incapable. of it.

"baby showers"--usually fine. I love to see the happiness on my friends' faces

"friends who announce they're pregnant that got married after me". This one has been tough lately. I really want to know though! I hope no one will think they can't tell me. I just tend to think there's something wrong with me, or wrong with our little family's beginning. I know there's not. I love that people are having kids. I know that I'm supposed to be learning something by waiting.

"when i get emails of sonograms from college friends I haven't heard from in months and didn't know they were prego"
This one can go either way. I think if I were 21 or 23, this would be different. I wouldn't care that it's going to take at least a year for this to happen. But I've become obsessed with comparing my age to people I know. I'm just about 26. "My sister had 2 kids by that time." This is a pointless exercise. I know so many people start their families later and they still have several kids. Still, this one has made me sob on a bad day.

"Turning 26 on Mother's Day this year." This could be a doosie. I don't know. I have been doing fine thinking about it because I think I'll be distracted by my birthday.

"Learning that someone I know has infertility." This one has made me admire people for their strength. I think that I could have it worse and have health issues. Or I think maybe I will eventually find how I have infertility too. But I just feel selfish and dumb for worrying about myself. It's so good to hear how other people get rhough things. And people are amazing. And I need to not freak out this early in the game.

"Hearing about pregnancies where people get deathly ill." This makes me be realistic that pregnancy won't be a cake walk. And it makes me ralize how selfish I am with my eating and sleeping habits that I choose. And how wimpy I am when i get a sore throat.

"My sister coming to town with her two month old baby boy" --It felt weird to hold him knowing that I could be responsible for a little person. I will be so awkward with it at first! it's kinda intimidating. But I loved holding my little nephew. I'm baby hungry and you gotta love those motherly instincts.

I'll end this now. Basically, I'm glad I teach high school because it's so distracting from other problems in my life. In fact, deciding to teach again next year has made me excited to travel for training this summer. And that has been a distraction. And thinking about waiting to try for a little while so I don't have a baby right in the middle of the school year in January. I have a lot to be grateful for. A baby will come at the right time,I suppose. I just wish I could be happy any time I encounter baby stories. Eventually I will. Evcntually.