Friday, July 31, 2009

The "Other" Tattoo

I say that an email address is like unto a tatoo. You may or may not like it years from when you chose it. But you're stuck with it no matter what. (not saying anything bad about tattoos)

So I chose "fundip511" when I was 16. I liked the candy. The name was picked on a whim. I've always kept it and used yahoo 'cause I like the format the best.

Ever done something really embarrassing but don't realize how humiliating it was until a couple of years later when you think, "I was a buffoon!" ?

The story is that I worked for a professor at BYU as his teaching assistant. It was a humongous class of 300 called World Civilizations. On the first day of each semester, he would put my email address on the overhead and it was projected on this gigantic screen in the auditorium. And there it was. My professional email. The one people would look to for help in the class and to set tutoring times:

Did I mention that many people have said over the years that they didn't open an email from me because they thought it was some racy, bad person??? I thought back then that you could only have one yahoo address under your name. So when I started teaching I made a hotmail and never liked using hotmail so I've kept fundip.I

Why oh why do I still use that address?

This all hit me the other day when I got an email from an old professor who now teaches in England. I thought, "He has carried that ridiculous address with him for 6 years now." I hope he doesn't think I'm a pervert.

Ugggh. I cringe.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of July--Food and Lacey

My favorite color is red! My friend Melanie gave us this adorable red and white outfit and I had no royal blue ribbon to make it patriotic so I used another blue. Lacey pulled it off!

Cameron's creations. They were gorgeous cupcakes. The frosting recipe he used was too buttery though so he was bummed.

Another Cameron creation. Who doesn't love a good Jello parfait? I was quite proud of his skills.

There's a partial smile!