Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Cousins Together in Utah!

Lacey and I got to go to Utah to visit with my 3 nieces Alex, Sidney, and Kennedy. We loved it!! Thanks so much, Sandra! We stayed over there while Carter and Sandra went to Boston.
This picture happened when we were giving Lacey a bath and Kennedy and Sidney really wanted to jump in too, so what the heck?
The Gateway Discovery place in Salt Lake was Lacey's dream come true! She loves colored balls to throw around! All the girls were so helpful to carry her around and help her play.
I love how Kennedy is through the glass handing us more balls..
Sidney and Kennedy were going to put on a Three Little Pigs play for us but all we had time for was for them to dress up. Cute picture anyway!
Playin' in the front yard! Again, a ball!
I loved the snowy mountains! I've missed seeing them!
The girls spiked up Lacey's hair after her bath. I love those girls! We had so much fun!

From one chocoholic to another . . .

Lacey's other birthday party at her aunt and uncle's house. This was to be ever-exciting, ever-suspenseful Cake Experiment #2. Will she like the cake?
I really botched up the frosting on the cake to the right. I put a lid on the cake right after taking it out of the oven, which trapped in the moisture, which made it too wet on top, which caused chunks of it to slide around.

When the cake flavor was changed to chocolate, was there ever a question?

ABC food! And her enthusiasm for this treat! Like mother like daughter!

Upon completion of her piece, Lacey stares at the table with a satisfied smirk.