Sunday, March 30, 2008

Christmas Break in Mesa and Topeka, Kansas

To the left is my brother Justin and his fiancee, Kaylee. Their romantic moment here was playing Guitar Hero together. It's cool that they both share a passion for it.

Me and Harry S. Truman, my fave president. We went to his presidential library in Independence, Missouri. It was amazing!

The family at my sister's house

Dallin and my niece Lindsay. So photogenic!

Hike in the Supers

Hannah accidently fell in.

This is one of the best short hikes I've been on. It's right outside of Gold Canyon, like 10 minutes from our house. You could take your toddlers on this hike. We had quite a lovely time sticking our feet in the water. Funny story. Dallin got mad at my mom because she was walking slower than he wanted. (he's autistic so when things don't go his way, he freaks) . So he threw his red Cabellas hat far into this huge bush. Well, we were ahead of my mom and she came up behind us and said, " I 'll get the hat on the way back." Well, we got to the top and dipped our feet in the water and saw the Indian petroglyphs, and then started back down. We get to the right spot and the hat is gone. He freeeeeaked out! He was crying and saying over and over, "I want my hat!!" We told him we'd get him a new one. Yeah, that did nothing.

So ten minutes later we're hiking and we see a little kid with a red hat on ahead of us. We thought it looked like Dallin's. So my mom had me go up to the lady and and say, "Did you guys happen to find a red hat?" I was trying to look like I didn't notice the hat on her kid's head. It was SO awkward. She was really nice about it and gave it back. But the kid looked really sad. We wouldn't have taken it back but he's autistic and would've thrown a fit the rest of the day. So that's the story. We had lots of fun!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Haircut from you know where

So I had a traumatic day yesterday. Everyone has probably had a bad haircut experience. Where you don't tell the lady what you want or she misunderstands you. So I like this girl but I let her have the idea that I wanted short layers, when I really wanted long layers. She flipped my hair out and it looked like a mullet or some ultra modern rocker girl. Tears srpng to my eyes and it was our anniversary and I wanted to look cute.

So I went home and re-did it and then I was okay. But I still can't believe how short it is in some spots.

Luck 'O the Irish

Cam and me
My sister Hannah, my brother Dallin, and me. Yeah, I didn't get ready that day.
Dallin has the cutest little grin. He fakes it a lot too.
How green is that??
These are some pics from St. Patrick's Day in Fountain Hills, AZ. We loved the green fountain. Incidentally, this is where Cameron proposed, so you could say the Lee family began here. Maybe we could be buried here so people could say the family ended here too. Oh wait--families don't end. Nevermind.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cassie & Oscar May 2006

This is me and the late Oscar Meyer Lee, or "Mug Bug". Cameron wanted me to put this on here because we both really love this dog. He's been gone now for over a year. We still miss him.

May 2007 -A Family Photo

So what happens when you try to put a non-digital camera on a timer with 16 people? My dad ran in and out of the picture probably 30 times. Terra would not face the camera so he kept signing to her, "You MUST look. You MUST look." He said it with emphasis, very loudly. We cracked up. Spencer, our nephew in the striped shirt, would run in and out of the pic. And everyone's patience ran very thin after 45 minutes. We had never seen any of the pics before they were developed. We got them back, and in every picture but one, my dad's head was covering half of my sister Natalie's face. It was all for nothing!

Until . . . Cameron photo shopped it! He gave Terra a new head, moved my dad's head, and filled in part of Nat's shirt. And wallah! A family photo.

I Finally Got a Blog

So after months of thinking that I can't have a blog until I have kids, I finally broke down and started one. Now I'm not sure what to write on it. I'll start with some pictures to get me going.