Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How I Educate Myself . . . TV Doctors

How could you say "no" to this face"? How could you hide any of your past issues, your baggage, your emotional garbage if thsi man were standing in front of you? Is it his bald head? His manly stache? Is it the suit? Or does finger-pointing make you respond?

All I know is, what would I do without the doctors in my life? They may not be my personal doctors, but I 'm getting diagnosed.

What, pray tell, would I do from 1 pm to 3 pm without these shows?

I have to admit, Dr. Phil is addicting. You start watching 5 minutes thinking you won't stay on that channel, but then the story hooks you in and you find that an hour goes by.

Though Dr. Phil often creates extra drama and makes the people hate each other more than they did before they came, a lot of times he has a good point.

I actually think "The Doctors" is a really interesting show and well-done. I get hooked in by their teasers. Things like, " Coming up, the tests you need to undergo to save your life . . ."
What test is it??? Is my life in danger? Do I need to give up my daily dose of chocolate?
I am quite glad I am stull able to further my education from my own couch, tortilla chips in hand.