Wednesday, December 31, 2008

No sleep

What do you do if you can't sleep at 4 in the morning? Anyone have any ideas?

I have eaten Sugar Puffs. I have checked my facebook. Now I'm writing on here.

The baby was kicking me at 4:30 I think because I didn't eat much last night and she was hungry. And angry.

Everyone says this is preparing me for when I'll be up with the baby. It's gonna be rough. But hey, I'll have something to do then.

Now I'm going to read some Harry Potter to fall back asleep.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Google Reader is amazing

My friend Kim just informed me about a wonderful invention called Google Reader. I put all the links to all the blogs I read there and it tells me when something new has been posted. Then you go to it and as you scroll down people's blogs it marks them as "read." This will be such a time saver and then I won't have massive guilt about forgetting to read blogs!

Yay! It's my Christmas break. Two weeks off! Three weekends included. I don't even know what to do with myself. I may read the 7th Harry potter again just because I love those books and I read it so fast the first time I may have missed stuff. I might read the Eragon books. Anybody read those?

So I started my first day of vacation today by getting up at 6:15 am. What the heck???? I can't even sleep in because my mind is so busy all the time and my bladder so full. Oh well. I'm going to a temple sealing this morning of a girl in my ward. I love watching those!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

If I only had a Brain

" Increasing absentmindedness"

This symptom is listed in "What to Expect", AKA the Pregnancy Bible, under the 8th Month. For fun, let's make a list of recent mishaps.

1. I left my church notebook, which is really heavy and stuffed full, on top of my car. I proceeded to turn onto a HIGHWAY to go home. I noticed out of the corner of my eye some white papers flying behind my car but it didn't hit me that they were mine. Then 2 cars started honking at me and I pulled over into the turn lane. I just sat there confused. Finally I realized the notebook was up there. It's a Christmas miracle! The notebook stayed up there and I only lost a few papers!

2. I have left my wallet in a Fry's grocery cart no less than 3 times since I've been pregnant. Two of the times some honest employee found it and I got it back with nothing missing. The third time was last week when an LDS girl recognized my picture, called my friend Rita to get my number and then called me. She said she found my temple recommend in there and knew I really would want to get that back. She dropped it off for me at Westwood. I'm tellin' ya, I must have guardian angels.

3. At school I looked for a stack of papers for about 10 minutes in the middle of class. Then I found them in my right hand.

4. This is nothing new. I accidently left our dogs locked in their cage when I left for work. They became emotionally distressed and pooped all over the place. Luckily Cameron happened to come home for lunch that day and he rescued them and cleaned up the mess.

5. I left a white elephant gift on top of my car and drove through my parents' neighborhood. I heard a 'clunk clunk' and realized it this time. It had flown off the car onto the road. It was a painted wooden coat rack. I think the wrapping paper saved it. Not a scratch.

Are we sensing a pattern here??? Maybe the top of the car isn't such a safe place.

Let's be honest, it's a miracle I've gotten through this semester without seriously screwing up a bunch of kids' futures. I have kept track of their grades. If I've lost something I've blamed it on my student aides (not you, Haley). Sometimes it was their fault and sometimes it wasn't but I wouldn't know that until later. It's just better to blame them to keep the students off your back. I'm horrible. But I made it. I taught a semester of economics knowing nearly nothing about it beforehand. Poor children.

Now there's one week left. I purposely scheduled class parties on different days so I could eat more. Hooray for overeating season!

Hey, you guys should post an "absentminded" story on here if you have one. It might help me feel normal.

Thanksgiving memories

Before the garage received its makeover

Ok, so we're way past Thanksgiving. I'm a little behind. I have a bigger behind though. Let's blame the lateness of this post on that, and on the basketball weighing down my stomach.
Memory #1 The little brother

Pictured below
(Notice my triple chin in the picture. I have no shame)

Upon arrival to my parents house near Thanksgiving, I found this note on the counter:

Dear Hannah,
Get out now!!!!!!!
Love, Dallin
"Get out of where?" I asked Dallin. He said he didn't know. But I caught a glimpse of what Hannah's life must be like, the 3 year older sister of a boy so cute but so autistic.

Then I looked at my mom's fridge and there was a crayon colored turkey done by Dallin at school. There was a "Thanksgiving story" under the turkey. It read:

" The Turkey is going to kill the kids. The turkey is going to kill the other dogs. It is almost Thanksgiving dinner.

- Dallin"

Now if I was his teacher, I may want to do some psychological testing. Where does this violence come from. Has he faced a rabid turkey in the past? And more importantly, will he hurt me ?
I posted pictures of Cameron's transformation of my parents's garage. (They are at the top. Does anyone know how to get pictures to move down on a post?) He thought it would be fun to get festive. He wants to do event design for people someday. He wishes these pictures weren's in a garage and that the chairs weren't plastic, but I think he did a great job.