Friday, May 29, 2009

Crafts and decor for sale

Hey everybody! I've just been cleaning out my craft inventory and have listed some of the remaining items from last year on this blog. I have included pictures of each item on the sidebar. Many of these are close replicas of items that sell in the "Country Sampler" magazine. My prices are considerably lower though. You can buy these same crafts on my website's online store at the following link . I can't offer the discounts through my website, but I can over the phone. If you would like any of these or want me to make you a custom product, please give us a call at (480) 969-5229. I do negotiate prices and take best offers. In addition, if you need help arranging your furniture and decor so that is is optimally functional as well as aesthetic, give me a call. I'm currently running a consulting special for only $20.00. This service will give you feedback and suggestions from a decorator/designers perspective. We'll discuss various furniture layouts, color schemes, suggested purchases & upgrades, etc. . You can also visit my website, Just call us for more details if you are interested. Thanks!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Any jobs out there?

Sorry for any of you who already got this message on facebook. I'm just putting it here because you never know how you might be able to network.

Hi! Cameron works for the school district and because of budget cuts, he will not have work this summer. He is looking for a summer job or is even willing to get a new job altogether. He's starting school but will probably start doing classes online. If anyone knows of anything, please let me know! ( his skills are in carpentry, interior design, CDL driving trucks or busses, computer stuff, or we're just looking for different entry level things) Thanks so much!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Idol Woship 2009 Style

These are my favorite Idols. Who will be in the finals?