Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ghosts, Mice & Keys

For one reason or another, Cameron got on YouTube the other day and ended up watching a few videos about ghosts. Needles to say, he's been a little jumpy ever since. Heck, he's even been leaving lights on in the hall now. That's a biggy too, because he usually prefers it to be pitch black when he sleeps. I guess that will teach him. Anyway, the whole thing with all the lights being on is just one of the many new and extreme protective methods being employed around here. It's been an interesting summer. Quick question, are ghosts afraid of the light like we are afraid of the dark?

Anyway, I think we have a mouse in our Attic. After all, we've been hearing random scratching here and there, and Cameron was in ear shot of some rustling in the garage. In any case, I'm confident this rodent is playing off of the already uneasy feelings that are going on around here. Mice are like that though.

Then there was the whole front door fiasco. Despite being pregnant, Cassie's been waking up early and getting out to exercise. Cam's been studying into the wee hours of the night and consequently sleeps in at times. Without waking Cameron or Lacey, Cassie slipped out the door and hid a single house key in the sole of her tennis shoe. She then proceeded to jog around all of southern Apache Junction before anyone woke up.

Upon her return, she became alarmingly aware that her faithful key had bailed on her somewhere in mid flight! She was locked out, and Cameron and the kid were still pleasantly slumbering without a clue. As considerate as she had been in letting the others sleep in, desperate times called for desperate measures. And so began, a knocking frenzy of all knocking frenzies! It was all in vain though, cause no one ever answered. It's possibly our early rising neighbors witnessed this thing go down and thought Cameron threw his wife out?

To better pass the time, Cassie ventured over to a friend's house where the two of them shared a lovely breakfast together and made numerous calls to retry waking Cameron up. Surprisingly, he never picked up! Attempts were even made to retrace footsteps and recover the lost key, but it was no where to be found.
Cassie then returned back to the house where she resumed her frantic knocking and doorbell ringing. She even went around back and threw pebbles at the bedroom window and made additional phone calls at yet another neighbor’s house. Again, no one stirred. Then she wondered, did a ghost or mouse get passed the gauntlet of lights Cameron had hoped would save him? Had that small whiskered friend of ours chewed through the phone lines?

Eventually, Cassie sat down at the neighbor’s house while the neighbor's husband tried his hand at waking the household. No luck!

Finally, Cameron's alarm clock went off and he happily got up quickly and initiated his morning routine. The answering machine was clearly flashing, but the only calls he could see on the caller ID were from Cassie's friend and a neighbor whom Cassie usually associates with. No need to check the messages he thought, they are for Cassie. That's when the neighbor began calling again, and Cameron became aware of a crazy person pounding on his front door. Long story short, he finally came to the door well rested and a little confused. Lacey woke up 10 minutes later.

The moral of the story is, white noise drowns out everything, so keep a spare key hidden somewhere! Never underestimate the power of an Alarm Clock when it comes to getting the job done!


Jaclyn said...

Too funny! Once went I went to a park to go running by myself and so I tied my car key to my shoe when I tied my shoelaces since I had no pockets,... maybe that will help. Also, should you be running while pregnant? I really don't know the answer. As for Cameron, he should watch Ghost Hunters on SYFY... I love that show! :)

Ashley Harris said...

Hilarious. I love you Cassie.